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Lazer ready PDF patterns to use in your class room - coming soon!

I am an award winning designer with over 15 years of experience in the fashion/clothing industry. I grew up in India watching my mum do all the creative work and sewing. Later I went to study fashion and was selected to represent India in an international young fashion designer's contest, held at Beijing China. I won the 5th place and came back buzzing...


Textile projects happened because of my involvement with schools in Suffolk, a teacher asked me for help and I came up with a range of CPD courses, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I missed it so much so I have been planning a come back.


I used to run my own Bridal Business in suffolk, which I sold in 2012. Moved away for a fresh challenge. I trained all my seamstresses plus a team of embroiders and beaders who worked for me, and made all my designs come to life.


It was a fascinating journey and I throughly enjoyed everything I did. Here is a video of one of the photoshoiots... hope you enjoy this promo.

Here is a wedding dress I designed for a very special bride for her big day.  I have tried to capture the whole process bit by bit, the dress came out to be absolutely AMAZING, it was a total knock out... I was so proud of my girls who followed my instructions, deconstructed the mock dress I made in calico and remade the whole dress. It took over 50 meters of fabric in total.....

Kelly told me later, that as the church door opened and she stepped in the whole gathering had a gasp and she could hear it, and she felt she was walking on a cloud, she felt like the most beautiful woman in the world ! ......


I helped a group of UK high school students to design their dream prom dress, the school sponsored the fabrics and I gave my time and the making free of cost.

Here is the full documentery teacher's TV filmed over 5 months.

I am very excited about the laser textiles and the PDF ready patterns made for laser cutting in schools. Launching this with CPD courses all over the UK. I believe this is going to revolutionalise the way students think about textiles, they relate textiles to sewing rather than technology. So I hope this techi approach will give you fresh tools to tackle the task on hand and raise standards in your classroom. I am here to help you in any way I can :-)

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