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Lazer ready PDF patterns to use in your class room - coming soon!


Here is PART - 1  



Pattern assembly - please note the patterns are now digital pdf printable on a standard printer, so they will come in single line, please follow instructions on pattern to assemble the pattern.

Cutting fabric - how to cut and save fabric

Preparing pockets - U pocket and the box pleat pocket.

Attaching zipper panel - to the bag, zipper panel is pre done, see vdeo at the bottom of the page to learn how to prepare zipper panel.

Here is PART - 2



We are going to attach the lining to the main part of the bag, close the neck of the bag first, and then the bottom base, finally finishing with the bias binding!










Window  Zipper


Please note this video is on a private link (also avaliable on paid channel) once you purchase the pattern, please email us the email you use to login to youtube, so we can add you to the private link.


Once added, you can watch this video for free via your youtube account.






Zipper Panel


Here is a seperate section of the video showing you how to prepare your zipper panels.


Cut out your fabric as per your pattern and follow instructions on this video. Please note different bags will have different length zip panels, but the process is the same!







U zip pocket


Here is a seperate section of the video showing you how to make a U zip pocket.


This technique has been used in many projects, so use this video to make pockets before hand from scraps you may have... so you can use it  in bag project you are planning!